post office interior at 558 grand concourse landmarked!

From News 12 The Bronx(Note: link no longer available.)

The outside of the building, located at 558 Grand Concourse, has been a landmark for decades, and now the Landmarks Conservancy has agreed to grant the same protection to the inside of the structure.

The building, on the NE corner of 149th Street and Grand Concourse, features several murals in its interior. They were in possible danger due to the Post Office putting the building up for sale; now that the Landmarks Preservation Commission will designate the interior as a landmark, the murals will be safe no matter who purchases the building.

While a security guard initially told me I couldn’t take pix, he gave me a pass once he saw I was only interested in the murals. So here you go! 🙂

[Fig. 1] The building itself is 78 years old, though it’s well-preserved both outside and inside.

[Figs. 2-14] The beautiful murals found throughout the Post Office lobby.

2 thoughts on “post office interior at 558 grand concourse landmarked!

    1. You’re welcome! Though I’ve called The Bronx home my whole life, only now have I been able to appreciate – and document – its beauty! Glad you enjoyed!


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