pix: no more cookies

After seven years in business, the Cookie’s kids department store at Fordham Road and Webster Avenue will close its doors on June 10th. Kinda surprised me; hence, this post.

[Fig. 1] Rear entrance to the multilevel store at Fordham Road and Decatur Avenue; “Everything Must Go” indeed.

[Fig. 2] As with all store closures, everything’s on sale. The Spanish sign says “New merchandise; daily discounts!”

[Fig. 3] The banners represent a sample of the brand names sold.

[Fig. 4] More branded banners on Fordham Road/Webster Avenue.

[Fig. 5] Overview of the store’s front side. The ‘C’ and ‘i’ are missing, but that’s a moot point given the store’s impending closure.

The 70,000 square-foot building will live on as a Burlington Coat Factory (slated for opening this fall). Unfortunately for Cookie’s 124 employees, all face layoffs – a tough pill to swallow given The Bronx’s high poverty (28.5% according to 2013 Census data; now higher) and unemployment rates (12.5% according to February 2013 data).

As an aside, here’s a very brief history of what existed before Cookie’s opened its doors in 2006. A very old building known as the “Fordham Arcade” once stood there; searches on said Arcade’s function turned up little info (but see this old Norwood News article for a photo). That I never saw it open isn’t a surprise, given that the building apparently sat abandoned for decades before finally meeting its end.


[Fig. B1] Several work cars lined the outbound Metro-North express track; here’s the first.

[Fig. B2] The rest. Workers were busy conducting repairs from what I saw.

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