snow pix: on the concourse from the mosh to the bed

Winter storm Nemo came, saw, and…left; heck, I woke up to sunshine today! Confluent snow and sun made for some awesome pix; I traversed the north end of the Grand Concourse, starting with…

[Fig. 1] …Mosholu Parkway! The Grand Concourse begins just southeast of here.

[Fig. 2] Grand Concourse and Van Cortlandt Avenue, facing north.

[Fig. 3] Concourse and Van Cortlandt, facing south this time.

[Fig. 4] A Sanitation worker clears snow with a bulldozer at St. George’s Crescent.

[Fig. 5] Snow-covered ridge with a few houses between the apartment buildings.

[Fig. 6] 206th Street.

[Fig. 7] South-facing view of the Grand Concourse below 206th Street.

[Fig. 8] 205th Street.

[Fig. 9] Here at 204th Street; the underpass sidewalk’s buried in snow!

[Fig. 10] Snow mountains!

[Fig. 11] Snow-covered tree.

Two lil’ kids – a boy and a girl – were working together on a pair of snowmen and were kind enough to let me snap a pair of pix!

[Fig. 12] Here’s the first – he even has a tie!

[Fig. 13] Here’s the second!

[Fig. 14] Bedford Park Blvd/Grand Concourse.

[Fig. 15] The Bedford Park Blvd underpass.

4 thoughts on “snow pix: on the concourse from the mosh to the bed

  1. These are great!!!! Especially the snowmen. My kids made one too in front of the house. Thanks for sharing our beautiful snowy borough!


    1. Thank you Nellie; glad you liked the photos! Seeing the kids’ snowmen on the Concourse was a pleasant surprise; I’m sure yours and theirs weren’t the only ones out there! I’m also glad we connected; may God bless you too!


    1. Hey Mira!
      A “journey back to childhood…” yeah, you could say that; the pix of the snowmen took me back to ’96 and ’98 – we had tremendous blizzards/snow storms in each of those years. I clearly remember my sis and I building snowmen outside the entrance to our apartment building. ‘Twas fun, but cold!

      Glad you loved the shots; much love and light back at you!


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