Do you dare to be ‘ware of the things that you seek?
Would you look at the facts or embrace the attack
On your mind – on your soul? At what point do you say
“I’m not swayed!?” Tempters’ gaze; human haze – mind’s a maze:
Can’t you find time t’unwind or the strength to let go?
Spring it forth – push yourself; help your soul out of hell
With just one spoken word; put yourself on one ‘cord
And emerge from the dirge; shine your Light ‘yond the church –
MANIFEST! MANIFEST! Call to arms, hidden gifts!
MANIFEST! MANIFEST! That which lies inside you!
MANIFEST! MANIFEST! Happy days – come always!
Bring to end the unseen enemy you now face!

On the next journey ‘cross unknown streams of mercy,
Take to heart mind and soul; do not mind body rot –
Fix the frame; put in place missing piece after piece
To restore stilted lore; leaving past distant past
Nearer still to your heart; splitting you far apart
Let it go – let it drown, lest it take all of you
Down to hell where none’s well; rather still, take your will
And conform out of storm to divine self-reform!
MANIFEST! MANIFEST! A new you – dead to old!
MANIFEST! MANIFEST! Newness springs hopeful things!
MANIFEST! MANIFEST! Broken parts now conjoined
Bring to head the foreseen end – attain victory!

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