pix: preparations for ADA accessibility at kingsbridge rd IND, part 2

I noticed some new developments at Kingsbridge Road/Grand Concourse and snapped some photos.

[Above ground]

[Fig. 1] Closed bus stop. Plainly visible on the pole is evidence of taped-up signs apparently ripped down (likely by vandals).

[Fig. 2] Temporary bus stop for northbound Bx1/Bx2 buses.

[Fig. 3] Survey markings for future elevator.

[Fig. 4] Long-sealed entrance at the SE corner of Kingsbridge Rd/Grand Concourse. The elevator installation across the street guarantees that it’ll never see daylight again.

[Fig. 5] Recently renewed sidewalk obscures all evidence of the former Kingsbridge Rd/Grand Concourse SW corner entrance.


[Fig. 6] Assorted tools line the Kingsbridge Rd underpass entrance.

[Fig. 7] This closed booth, still donning its burgundy paint from the short-lived station assistant program, will see new life when the ADA project ends.

[Fig. 8] Survey markings on the downtown platform – likely guides for ADA tactile strip installation.

[Fig. 9] Similar markings (albeit dashed) on the uptown platform.

[Fig. 10] More survey markings.

[Fig. 11] Long-closed women’s bathroom, just for sh*ts and giggles. Though still in use, not sure if it’s still a bathroom or not.


I took these two photos while taking a stroll from The Village to Midtown:

[Fig. B1] Washington Square Park’s signature Washington Arch.

[Fig. B2] The Empire State Building stands tall over Madison Square Park as the sun sets.

And now, here are photos of artistic installations at P.S. 246 in The Bronx:

[Fig. B3] Nicely done main entrance.

[Fig. B4] Under the sea…under the sea – oh, don’t mind me. 🙂

[Fig. B5] Words of encouragement.

[Fig. B6] “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”
~George Washington Carver

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