pix: preparations for ADA accessibility at kingsbridge rd IND

While returning from work on the 4 train, we ended up going express after Burnside Ave to Bedford Park Blvd. Stayed on, despite the fact that my stop would be skipped. Walked to Bedford Park Blvd station on the Concourse Line, took a downtown D, and opted to alight at Kingsbridge Rd instead of Fordham; what I saw made that decision worthwhile – so worthwhile, in fact, that I snapped 11 photos that I will share with you all in this post!

Greeting me upon stepping off the D train was this sight:

[Fig. 1] Yes, folks – Kingsbridge Rd IND will receive ADA accessibility!

[Fig. 2] The downtown platform. Note the survey marking.

[Fig. 3] A similar survey marking on the uptown platform.

[Fig. 4] More survey markings toward the Kingsbridge Road end of the station. Wall tiles are coming undone here too.

[Fig. 5] Boarded-up area on the southbound platform, just ahead of the exit.

[Fig. 6] Even more survey markings. Note the 500′ marking; methinks these are marks for the ADA tactile boards.

[Fig. 7] Southbound plat station columns have numbers now; I wonder what the significance is? (As an aside, that’s some unsightly graffiti on that sign in the foreground.)

[Fig. 8] Columns on the northbound plat are also numbered.

[Fig. 9]  Boarded-up sections at the Kingsbridge Rd mezzanine (under the platforms). Methinks either a pair of elevators or escalators are going here.

[Fig. 10] Yet another boarded-up area. Looks like lots of work will take place here.

[Fig. 11] Another boarded-up area! This one’s next to the stairwell to the NE corner of Kingsbridge Rd/Grand Concourse. Incidentally, the long-closed exit to the SE corner (next to Poe Park) is beyond the boarded-up area to the right of the stairs; an elevator machine room now occupies the site.

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