pix: another update – more stairwells at fordham rd IND closing for repairs

As it turns out, the component repairs taking place at Fordham Rd IND are split into two phases. The closed stairwells should reopen by mid-July (though some signs say July 30th, which would present an interesting complication; see below), while the open stairwells will close for repairs starting Monday, July 16th. To document this, I snapped some more photos.

[Fig. 1] Re-opening date: October 9, 3012?! Never knew the MTA needed over one thousand years to fix a few bloody stairwells! 🙂 (N.B.: I observed the corrected date (2012) written over the typo on all signs as of late July.)

[Fig. 2] Subway entrance next to the pizzeria. Note the cracked tiles and steps.

[Fig. 3] The stairwell in Fig. 2 leads one here.

[Fig. 4] Subway entrance next to the Ashley Stewart Woman which has been there as long as I can remember. Note the huge patch of missing tile.

[Fig. 5] Going down the stairwell in Fig. 4 leads one here…

[Fig. 6] …and then here and beyond to the fare control area (behind me; not shown). Note the sign at the boarded up exit to the NE corner of 188th Street/Grand Concourse.

Allow me to pause and discuss the complication I mentioned earlier. The sign here (as well as the one opposite this one, not shown) suggests a reopening date of July 30th (a month behind schedule, but that’s beside the point). With the open stairwells set to close July 16th, is it possible that cats at Fordham Rd station will be left with no way in or out of the station for the two-week period between the 16th and the 30th?

Clearly I doubt this, but something’s gotta give. Either this sign is wrong and the stairwells will reopen before the 16th to allow the other ones to close, or the sign is right and the open stairwells won’t close until the 30th to allow work on the closed stairwells to finish.

Though this means either way, something is wrong. We’ll see what happens on the 16th.

[Fig. 7] Subway entrance on the NW corner of 188th Street/Grand Concourse, which is also missing huge patches of tile.

[Fig. 8] The stairwell in Fig. 7 leads one here. The steps evince prior repair work.

No bonus photo today. Guess I’ll make that up in my next photo update.

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