pix: component repairs at 182nd-183rd and 170th street stations

The following photos document repairs and other miscellany at the 182nd-183rd and 170th Street stations.

[182nd-183rd Streets station]

[Fig. 1] New patch of tile on the northbound platform, which makes the surrounding decay stand out even more.

[Fig. 2] A sampling of the decay in question.

[Fig. 3] Look, ma – new tiles!

[Fig. 4] The rehabilitated stairwell spots a fresh paint job and reinforced steps.

[Fig. 5] New patches of tile and fresh paint…and surrounding decay.

[Fig. 6] Another freshly fixed stairwell.

[Fig. 7] View of the above stairwell from the mezzanine.

[Fig. 8] More decay. These component repairs aren’t enough – these stations need full-scale rehabs!

[Fig. 9] Another patch job.

[Fig. 10] Another rehabilitated stairwell.

[Fig. 11] Work underway on a stairwell on the northbound platform.

[Fig. 12] Looks like the southbound track is getting some TLC soon.

[170th Street station]

All photos taken from the northbound platform, save for the last one.

[Fig. 13] Name tablet.

[Fig. 14] Glorious ceiling decay, though it’s not as bad here as it is at 182nd-183rd Sts.

[Fig. 15] This stairwell seems to have received minor TLC.

[Fig. 16] A closer look suggests the TLC was not recent.

[Fig. 17] The ceiling TLC here, however, is recent.

[Fig. 18] More evidence of recent ceiling TLC.

[Fig. 19] Unfortunately, the TLC didn’t extend to the ceiling on the southbound platform.


[Fig. B1] Small park above the 170th Street underpass on the west side of the Concourse.

[Fig. B2] The recently renovated Edgar Allan Poe Cottage in Poe Park.

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