pix: concourse line component repairs – fordham rd

I took some photos of the Fordham Rd station showing the newly erected barricades at the stairwells slated for repair.

[Fig. 1] (Not-so) heavy metal, because plywood alone apparently isn’t enough.

[Fig. 2] Danger!

[Fig. 3] This payphone has seen better days.

[Fig. 4] This barricade blocked more than the subway entrance!

[Fig. 5] Plywood, pylons, warning tape – all that’s missing is…

[Fig. 6] …a STOP sign! This construction area has it all!

[Fig. 7] Exit temporarily closed.


[Fig. B1] The Bx1/Bx2 bus stop at Fordham Rd/Grand Concourse. During the day, it’s almost always like this.

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