155 minutes of misery on the nation’s most congested asthmaway

From Crain’s New York:

New York’s gridlock issues are getting worse, and a new study details just how widespread the congestion problem is. According to transportation analytics company INRIX, more traffic bottleneck points are scattered throughout the city and its surrounding suburbs than in any other metro area in the country.

The kicker:

But New York still has some of the country’s worst locations for gridlock, including stretches across four local highways that rank among the country’s 25 most miserable. That includes two Cross Bronx Expressway spots whose jams force vehicles to spend an average of 155 minutes traversing just 3.5 miles.

(Emphasis mine.)

The Cross Bronx Parking Lot Asthmaway Expressway strikes again! (You know what, I’m just gonna refer to it as an asthmaway from here on out!)

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the biblical case for safer streets and #deckthehighways

According to Don Kostelec, this advert dates to 1953 – incidentally, a time when automobile use was on the rise and then-President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System was taking shape.

While Ford used Scripture to promote the automobile, I dare say Scripture makes a better case for safer streets and #deckthehighways.

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the bicycle turns 200!

The bicycle celebrates it’s 200th anniversary this year – and we can explore the bike’s evolution, thanks to CNET!

As a recreational cyclist, I will certainly celebrate this; here’s my ride, which I’ve had for 19 years now:

Unfortunately, it’s in desperate need of a tuneup, and its 26-inch wheel diameter is a bit small for me (as a point of comparison, Citibikes have 28-inch diameter wheels; a hybrid bike with 28-30 inch diameter wheels would work wonders for me). Nevertheless, I take joy ’cause I’ve gone high and low with my bike; I’m sure many cyclists can say the same!

How are you celebrating the bicycle’s 200th?